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Pressed Flower Art. It's simple. Nature provides the medium, I just help preserve it's beauty.

" N Art" is so I can include my other creative adventures from time to time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 "Brilliant" Philadelphia Flower Show

From January through March each year almost all of my "free" time is spent preparing entries for the Philadelphia Flower Show. My "free" time is often "sleep" time.

This year the show's title was "Brilliant". It was a tribute to Great Britain. Of most interest to me was the "Pressed Plant" exhibit, where entries from all over the world, including mine were exhibited and hung to compete for "oohs, wows and ahhhs" and of course ribbons. My entries usually take several weeks each to prepare.

My first picture took three weeks longer thank I had planned, as happens with pressed flower art.  Making those botanicals work like paint is sometimes a challenge.( I won an Honorable Mention on this entry. )

That left me much less time than desired to finish two other entries.
With ideas in mind, I first thought to rethink my choices for my "Stonehenge" entry ,but I have always wanted to do a castle, and I couldn't stop myself. I did however replan the structure and intricacy of the planned castle entry. The result, though not what I intended, did come out nice, and did bring in a second place ribbon to my surprise.

With only two nights left to create an entry for the "Royal Wedding" class, I had to completely abandon my visions of a beautiful wedding gown made with the sheerest of flower petals. My need to think and create fast put me on a whimsical track. Certainly not the caliber of a picture I wanted to enter in the show , but with the only other choice being not enetering, I came up with this piece:

This ended up with an Honorable Mention.
So my never ending learning continues. I know the end result in art ( and in life) is not always what we plan, but it is what we create when things just don't go as planned. Mistakes, and "things" happen. Only my first picture turned out as I imagined, after struggling too long on the bridge.  The other two were a result of timing.  It's not always a bad thing.
- Micki

So Little Time, After A Long Time

My lack of blogging time is only a reflection of my creating time. I have lots to share and much catching up to do.
I recently spent some time to make cards for a small craft show I was going to put some things in. I don't focus enough of my time on making cards. There is a reason for that. I always think they will be quick and simple. That's rarely the case. I painted all of the backgrounds used in these cards. I really enjoy preparing my own backgrounds. I feel it makes my cards more original and artistic. Plus I really enjoy making a mess with my paints. It's true!

 A butterfly made from petals flies above a single, but beautiful cosmos flower.
  Just some simple designs on my fern inspired backgrounds.
   Vase from a leaf, filled with larkspur, leaves and ferns.