Art by nature, and Micki

Pressed Flower Art. It's simple. Nature provides the medium, I just help preserve it's beauty.

" N Art" is so I can include my other creative adventures from time to time.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pressed Flowers On Canvas

Pressed Flower "Garden And Butterfly"

This is my newest creation. It's time to start using some of the different supplies I just had to have. This is a 16 x 20 inch canvas with a painted background. I like doing pressed flowers on canvas because sometimes a slight thickness in the flowers or stems creates a light 3D effect. The flowers kind of pop off the canvas, ever so little.

This picture is featured in my etsy shop, which is a slow and growing  process. I started it a couple of years ago, but never really filled the shop. Lately I have been determined to give at least a little of my "not so spare" time to it.

As I said , it's a slow process. I'm working on better pictures, since I finally got a new camera.