Art by nature, and Micki

Pressed Flower Art. It's simple. Nature provides the medium, I just help preserve it's beauty.

" N Art" is so I can include my other creative adventures from time to time.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Ready For The Philadelphia Flower Show

Getting ready to start my entries for the Philadelphia Flower Show. My first chance to compete in four years, since I am no longer chairing. I am excited . This year's theme is Springtime In Paris. I am still advising for the class, so for any of my friends with questions, please feel free to contact me.
There is a lot of work in the planning stage. I have to read the titles, and come up with a really creative idea. I have to get myself to feel the theme,"Paris". I have to sort through thousands of pressed flowers. I have to sketch out the design of my pictures, and make my plant materials work as paints. This for me is the most time consuming part, and usually takes me a couple of weeks. The actually picture assembly tends to go faster, once I know what I am trying to do.

In addition I am working on an edition of the newsletter for the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild, that will highlight the conference in China.
I am glad the cold weather makes me want to spend more time indoors, so I can get things done.
Wish Me Luck!