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Pressed Flower Art. It's simple. Nature provides the medium, I just help preserve it's beauty.

" N Art" is so I can include my other creative adventures from time to time.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Handmade For The Holidays

While this isn't exactly related to my art, it is about art, so I thought I would share.

With the holiday season just around the corner, I am happy to say I am about half finished my gift shopping. I made a decision a few months back, while I was staying up late making jewelry and other pressed flower items. I decided I wanted to support other artists by having a  "handmade Christmas". After all, handmade items are truly from the heart. Artists put much time, energy and love into their products. Many handmade items are unique, and sometimes customized. In addition, I have read or heard more than once, people are venturing into craft or art shows and sales after being forced into unemployment by the bad economy. So as I continue down my list I will continue to seek great gifts online at places like, and at local art or craft shows. So far I have found soaps, custom hand painted wine glasses, lots of jewelry, blown glass ornaments, knitted scarves and gloves and so much more. I know I will not have 100% of my gifts handmade, but my goal is 75% and I am nearly there. So I encourage you, before visiting the mall and the big department stores,  go find some pretty, unique, customized, hand made and hand picked from the heart gifts. I have really enjoyed the shopping so far. No lines, no wait, no parking wars and good service...all while supporting other artists.
One of my many wonderful finds: A beautiful ceramic dish.