Art by nature, and Micki

Pressed Flower Art. It's simple. Nature provides the medium, I just help preserve it's beauty.

" N Art" is so I can include my other creative adventures from time to time.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flowers On Silk

I am learning silk painting for use as backgrounds for my art. I have made two pieces so far. They were both done using different techniques. I like the bottom one more, as far as backgrounds go. The top picture has more detail and work, as you can see!

Hydrangea, delphinium, cosmos, dogwood, and sweet potato vine are some of the plants used to create this picture on hand painted silk.
On this hand painted silk background I used queen anne's lace, salvia, verbena and geranium
sweet potato vine and cosmos to create the "meadow" and butterfly.


  1. Very nice Micki , looks like you had fun with this class. Happy Birthday too.

  2. Love your new pictures Micki. The backgrounds are stunning. I especially like the meadow too.

  3. Oh myyyyy...these are GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Thank you all. I am still working on my sunset picture, on painted silk. I can't wait to see it finished!